Community Seminars

About to turn 65? You’re probably already being flooded with Medicare advertisements. From e-mails to phone calls, mailings to TV commercials… it’s overwhelming and, quite frankly, annoying.

The crazy thing is – it doesn’t make the process any clearer!

Our Medicare Seminars Cover Topics Like

  • WORKING PAST 65 – We’re seeing many people retire well after the age of 65. Do you plan to keep working? Do you know if you need to apply for Medicare?
  • RISING HEALTH CARE COSTS – Health care costs continue to climb. Is there a way to help plan for and mitigate these costs?

  • MEDICARE – What is and is not covered by traditional Medicare

  • PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS – Are prescriptions covered? When do you need a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D coverage?

  • MEDICARE INSURANCE – Simple answers to common questions about plan coverage and policies. Learn the differences between plans like Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans, and Original Medicare.

Whether you’re new to Medicare, or have been enrolled for many years, this Medicare 101 info session will help you better understand your options, costs and how to choose the right plan without overspending! In addition to Medicare 101 sessions in 2023, we are offering a number of carrier-specific seminars through the Annual enrollment period for those 65+.