Supplemental Coverage

Legacy offers a wide variety of products to help meet your needs. In addition to Medicare, Individual/Family and Group healthcare plans, our Healthcare Heroes are here to help you identify and bridge any gaps in coverage.

Hospital Indemnity

If you have an Individual, Group, or Family insurance policy it’s likely you’re also carrying a hefty deductible. In many cases, this deductible needs to be met before coverage kicks in. Many people are opting to carry a supplemental insurance plan called a Hospital Indemnity policy which helps bridge that gap. Hospital indemnity insurance supplements your existing health insurance coverage by helping pay expenses for hospital stays. Depending on the plan, hospital indemnity insurance gives you cash to help you pay for the added expenses that may come while you recover, or, to help cover your deductible.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance coverage is the only insurance policy that is guaranteed to pay out the plan benefit as long as the premiums are paid. With a variety of plans available, our team can find the right fit for you – no matter the need! Whether you need to protect/grow your assets, guarantee a gift for future generations, take care of a spouse or partner, or you’re interested in providing a tax-free benefit for your family… Life Insurance is an optimal way to grow assets, provide wealth, and protect those closest to you. Better yet, some policies even offer additional benefits such as Long-Term Care.

Critical Illness

One out of two Minnesotans will be diagnosed with a potentially serious cancer during his or her lifetime. With a Critical Illness policy, you could receive a plan benefit upon diagnosis of a major illness such as a stroke, organ transplant, or heart attack. These plans are often flexible in design and can offer a lump sum or monthly benefits to help you and your family offset some of the costs so you can focus on what’s most important – your health.

Long-Term Care

Many people have a misconceived notion that their healthcare plan (whether Medicare, Individual, or Group) offers some benefit for Long-Term Care. It doesn’t. If you have significant financial assets, are concerned about caring for/being cared for by a loved one or want to ensure a specific level of care for yourself or others, a Long-Term Care policy may be an optimal solution for you to do so. Our Healthcare Heroes can help you determine if Long-Term Care makes sense for you, or, if there are other options to ensure you have a plan for the future.

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